Taliparamba Arts & Science College

PG Department of English


       English Literature is a programme that is highly popular among students who want to pursue a career in the humanities. The reasons for its appeal are several. English is a varied language that allows students all around the world to pursue a wide range of employment opportunities. Students with an English Literature degree can pursue jobs in media and advertising, writing and publishing, journalism, public relations, content writing and blogging, creative writing, teaching, and academia, among other fields. Furthermore, because English is a global language and is a predominant language in many countries, students can plan their higher education in these countries and seek suitable global professions with transnational connections. Since the dawn of the college, the department has been strong stalwarts of the campus. The department provides UG and PG courses in English Language & Literature covering a wide range of genres, authors and historical periods in English language and literature, as well as Indian, American and British Literatures, literary theory, film studies, media studies… under the orchestration of experienced, efficient and dedicated faculties. The department also provides Journalism as a complimentary elective in UG POIESIS a literary association to explore, concoct and exhibit the academic and creative literary expressions of the students also functions under the department.

U.G Programme : B.A English Language & Literature

P.G Programme : M.A English Language & Literature