Taliparamba Arts & Science College

Physical Education Department

Play Ground

          The college ground at Taliparamba Arts and Science College in Kanjirangad serves as a vibrant hub for various activities, fostering a sense of community and vitality among students and faculty alike. Spread across lush greenery, the expansive grounds offer ample space for recreational pursuits, sports events, and cultural gatherings. Equipped with well-maintained sports facilities, including cricket pitches, football fields, volleyball courts, and athletic tracks, the college ground provides opportunities for students to engage in physical activities and competitive sports. Beyond athletics, the ground also serves as a venue for cultural events, outdoor performances, and festive celebrations, enriching campus life and fostering camaraderie among students. With its picturesque surroundings and versatile amenities, the college ground plays an integral role in promoting overall well-being and fostering a vibrant campus atmosphere conducive to learning, growth, and personal development.